A Subaward is funding provided by UF to a Subrecipient for the purpose of carrying out a programmatic segment of a sponsored project. A Subaward may be provided through any form of legal agreement, including an agreement that UF considers a contract. Contractors and Consultants are not classified as Subrecipients but are processed through UF Procurement.


The Project Manager (Principal Investigator) for the University of Florida is often in the best position to select the Subrecipient that will be included in the proposal. The selection is based on the potential Subrecipient’s technical experience and the ability to perform the portion of the scope of work being proposed to the Sponsor.

In accordance with the requirements contained within Title 2, Part 200 of the Code of Federal Regulations (2 CFR 200), hereinafter referred to as Uniform Guidance (UG), the University of Florida is required to perform a series of monitoring efforts to ensure proper stewardship of Federal funds. Those efforts include Subrecipient/Subaward vs Contractor/contract/PO determinations, performing preaward Subrecipient review, and monitoring the programmatic activities of Subrecipients throughout the life of each federal Subaward.  Subawards are also subject to additional federal agency-specific regulations established by the prime sponsor.  Although not required by state or Federal law to comply with Uniform Guidance, to the extent practicable, University of Florida will follow this guide as a best practices approach to the programmatic and financial monitoring and of its non-federal sponsored award Subrecipients.


Proper attention should be paid to the relationship.  There are many ways to work with third parties.  An outline of the factors in the determination in the relationship are listed below. NOTE: Contractors and Consultants are charged F&A on the full amount of the contract; subawards greater than $25,000 are excluded from the F&A base when using an MTDC base.

• Involves Analysis and Interpretation
• Has a question to be answered
• Provides services explicitly requested by UF
• Manufacture goods
• Prototype creator – UF designs they manufacture
• Website hosting
• Turning over unanalyzed data from testing
Participates substantially in the design and direction of the overall scope of work.Has not participated significantly in the design of the work
Has the freedom/ability to make decisions within the terms of the agreementHas little or no independent decision making in the design or conduct of the work being completed
Makes operational decisions on how to carry out the workPaid for deliverables only; not on a reimbursement for actual costs incurred
Generates Data and retains for future research useNormally operates in a competitive environment with other like vendors; competes with other entities that provide the same services; provides similar goods to a number of entities; the goods are commonly available; the services are repetitive in nature (ex. testing, manufacturing).
Key Personnel on overall awardResponding to a quote or bid request from UF
Likely co-author on overall reports and publicationsUnlikely to be a coauthor on publications

All partners – subaward, vendor, or consultant are required to be registered as a vendor in the University of Florida accounting system.

Frequently Asked Questions怀化辉国大贸易有限公司

What is the difference between a subaward and a subcontract?

The terms subaward and subcontract are often used interchangeably to indicate an agreement entered into with another institution or entity to conduct work under funding received by another entity from an external sponsor. However, under Uniform Guidance, Subawards are only issued to Subrecipients. Further, a Subcontract is technically for the procurement of goods and services under a sponsored project. Nevertheless, the function of the relationship is more important than the form or title of the legal instrument being used.

What information do I need to include in UFIRST for a new subaward or subcontract?

  • Subrecipient institution EIN and DUNS numbers
  • Subrecipient PI name and contact information
  • Subrecipient administrative name and contact information
  • A clear statement of work to be performed by the Subrecipient PI
    • A scope of work provides a general overview of the Subrecipient’s role in the project. The scope of work does not need to detail the exact scientific methodology or programmatic processes involved in carrying out the proposed work, but rather should provide sufficient detail in order to determine whether the Subrecipient has fulfilled their requirements under the project.
    • A detailed budget for the amount being released
      • All Subrecipients must provide a budget and budget justification for their portion of the project. The budget and budget justification should provide sufficient detail regarding the proposed expenses for the subaward.
      • Period of performance
      • Funding total to be released

How do I request a Subaward?

Once the UFIRST- Award is complete and a Subrecipient record has been added by the department, the UFIRST-Award system notifies the outgoing Subaward Office automatically. The Subaward staff will then use the Subrecipient information submitted in UFIRST and begin creating a Subaward agreement. After completing the Subrecipient information in UFIRST, you can track the status of your Subawards at any time by logging into the Subaward Tracking Tool.

Please note that if the Subaward was not included in the initial proposal, sponsor approval may be needed prior to setting up the Subaward

What is involved in a Risk Assessment?

An organizational review is required under federally sponsored projects subject to the requirements of 2 CFR 200.331. The University of Florida will also apply this review as a best practices approach to its non-federal sponsored award Subrecipients.

The Subrecipient Financial Questionnaire will be sent to Subrecipients as determined by the outgoing Subaward Office.

What is the difference between a fixed price and cost reimbursable Subaward?

Under a cost reimbursable Subaward, the Subrecipient invoices UF for expenses incurred under the subaward and then is reimbursed. The expenses, as always, should be allowable, allocable, and reasonable and invoices should include sufficient detail for audit purposes.

Under a fixed price agreement, various milestones and/or deliverables are established along with a corresponding price for each. Once a milestone is met or a deliverable received and accepted by the UF PI, the Subrecipient may invoice for the corresponding amount due.  Invoices need not include details of expenses.The first milestone/deliverable may be full execution of the Subcontract which can be beneficial when dealing with entities that do not have the resources to incur expenses for later reimbursement.

Contact Us阿里满伟禄有限公司


  • Preparing new subawards or subcontracts.
  • Making changes to existing subawards or subcontracts.
  • Answering questions regarding potential or existing subawards or subcontracts.


  • Kellie Crawford
  • Tatiana Gonzalez

Email the DSP Outgoing Subaward Team at ufsubawards@ufl.edu or call us at (352) 392-0239.

For Subawards handled by the Office of Clinical Research, please contact Jason Cline at OCR-Contracting@ahc.ufl.edu.

The C&G subcontracting team facilitates review and payment of invoices and overall financial management and monitoring of Subrecipient financial performance.  Contact the C&G Subcontracting Team at:  subcontract-manager@ufl.edu.

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